Goodbye Sendmail, Hello Postfix


I had a very complex mail-configuration with several domains, virtual-users and aliases, pop-before-smtp functionality, spamassassin-plugins and much more.

It was a real pain to configure all those important features into my sendmail-configuration. At first directly into and later using I always thought that it would be difficult or impossible to change from sendmail to some other mail-system because of my current configuration but i was completely wrong …

Configuring a sendmailer, even with, isn’t really user-friendly. My configuration has grown in the last past years but last week i had some issues with spammers and sendmail wasn’t really helpful in that case. That was the reason for me to look to other mail-systems. At that time i didn’t want to change sendmail but i tried to test other systems only to see if they run into the same problems and wooahh – Postfix supports all features and plugins which are used in my Sendmail-configuraton. Not “out of the box” but nearly.

I’m sure that Sendmail can handle all kinds of problems too and even the problematic with my spam-issues could be solved using sendmail. But i don’t want to spend days/weeks just to configure some mail-features. I also find out that Sendmail is using some strange website with commercial interests and “enterprise solutions”. Ok, there is a small link labeled “Open Source” but that commercial-stuff was another reason to throw that software away, Now i’m happily using postfix.