Ripping HD-Videos with Audio from Youtube


A few days ago i’ve downloaded some videos from youtube using a dedicated portal as youtube-dl won’t work with most of them.

I prefer to download the best quality (HD-videos) but i wasn’t able to download them with audio (only available without!)

So i’ve downloaded the hd-version without audio and the same video in a lower quality but with audio. With the following script (save it as i was able to merge the to videos and so i got a full hd-video with audio:



ffmpeg -i "$FILE_WITH_AUDIO" -vn -acodec copy "$TMP_AUDIO"
ffmpeg -i "$FILE_WITH_GOOD_VIDEO" -i "$TMP_AUDIO" -c:v copy -c:a aac -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -strict experimental "$NEW_FILE"

Call it like video_with_audio.mp4 hd_video_without_audio.mp4

und you’ll get a file called NEW_video_with_audio.mp4 which can be played fined using mplayer, vlc and others …

You also need to have ffmpeg installed!

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